Monday, August 8, 2011

Here comes 225

stay alive!

no matter what occurs? I will find you,

no matter how long it takes,
no matter how far, I will find you

.... the most rememebered lines from a movie, and saw it again last night ( tapi dah dekat nak habis), the intense feeling between the two of them, the passion, and the unspoken words between them said it all,

Long Rifle ( Daniel Day Lewis ) said that to Dark Hair ( Madeleine Stowe ) in the Last of the Mohicans, I think it's my all time favourite movie ( next to Pretty Woman, and Sabrina Fair )


no, not seeing Daniel Day Lewis or Richard Gere, but seeing the new set of wheels driving into our so called 'porch'

no. not really a surprise.......but sweet..........just like the scene from a movie, only there's no director and cameraman and crews......... Don't walk behind me, I may not lead,
don't walk in front of me, I may not follow,
just walk besides me and be my friend

I have always liked these words.

We used to walk side by side, to and from our house to the shopping complex ( perhaps, about fifteen minutes walk )which was situated in a building near the Teluk Wanjah roundabout ( but now no more ), no more walking and no more shopping complex there )we were young then ( late twenties is considered young, right?....) , full of energy, vibrant, happy go lucky, newly wed, just the two of us,

just the two of us,
we can make it if we try,
just the two of us,
you and I.....

lagu siapa ni, lupa dah but I like this song

about to embark on our journey together, rain or shine,
in sickness or in health, for better or for worse,

walking hand in hand ( did we? hehe......) on the way to the place and
carrying plastic bags full of groceries ,with both hands on the way back!

Walking that distance was nothing to us ( then ), in fact we kinda enjoyed it ( try asking us to do it now, we would be breathless.....not breathless as in Richard Gere and ? )

Take my breath away....from Top gun, love the song, not so much the movie, on second thought, the movie's okay because of Iceman, Tom Cruise is okay but not his fan, I prefer, what's his name, in the movie Transformer, that soldier, married to Fergie.......small matter, not important......

anyway......always get distracted by movies and songs:-)

"I've got this for you too, Happy birthday!", 'Rainbow' CD, two surprises in one night! Well, the first one was not really a surprise but the second one was. i didn't listen to it straight away, but when I did, the first song that i searched for was "Can't Let you go" ....the sound system was gooooood. I listened to it on my my way back from picking my kids from school and when we reached home, I stayed a few minutes longer, to enjoy the song.

My daughter asked me the other day,
these songs were the song in your time Mama?

yup, this, and Def Leppard and Whitesnake, Metallica, Queen, Europe, Extreme, Roxette,
and don't forget Duran Duran, Take That, Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, Culture Club, Simply Red, Sade,Richard Marx, Michael Bolton, ow, how can I forget, Bryan Adams, Madonna, of course, Like A Virgin, and George Michael,Careless Whisper and many many more.

There were no Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lady Ga....Lady Who? , Maroon 5, Muse, Linkin Park?

Finally got this number. what's so significant about 225? Why not 525 or 522 or 123 or whatever?We had 525 before, the closest we could get to 225, we did not have it for long because someone else liked it, they were not after the number. Seven seaters. equipped with LCD screen for watching videos, good sound system and in tip top condition. Who wouldn't?? we let it go and got ourselves a 6100 and it stayed with us for many many years until recently,, we had to let it go, sob sob ( with heavy hearts ) to make way for this 225

225 is our seventh, we have had several models from Malaysian made to Japanese models, from Italian to Germany, and the latest edition is another make from Hitler's country., just like my 'dream' car.... but , this might not be my 'dream' car but it sure is 'dreamy' sitting in it, driving it, overtaking others effortlessly .........puurrr.....

we had ( and still do ) this black ,masculine piece of metal when we had our second child, fourteen years ago, we both love it so dearly and many a times we thought of letting it go, ( when the going gets tough )but we just couldn't.So much memories, not to mention , it's gorgeous ( love the tear drop shaped design on the reams ) and when it is on the road, it roars!when you are behind the wheel, all you want to do is to keep on pushing the accelerator, and pushed the metre needle close to the end ( but I never do that, the highest i did was 160 I think ). how masculine and rugged it is , the very opposite to the new 225 which purrs on the road, very gentle and feminine, yet as fast and furious as you want it to go

They came and went, but they were not here when we first got married, in fact we did not have any mode of transport, when we got married, we did not even own a two wheels vehicle ( basikal lah tu ), let alone, a car. Both our work place were just within walking distance, come to think of it, I can't remember how we managed then, takkan duk dalam rumah je kot? But after a while we got ourselves a motorbike, nothing fancy , just the simple bike, which could take us back to kampung ( his kampung only ), can't imagine riding on a motobike all the way along the Timur barat high way on a botorbike ( to go back to my kampung ) , kalau Harley tu boleh tahan lagi...kot......

I was pregnant with my first child and we were still riding that bike but not until I was in my third and final trimester , that we decided to own a more comfortable mode of transport ( agaknya my other half kesian tengok wife dia yang 'very the huge' ni )i was really 'big' when I was carrying my first child, ( she came out 3.4 kg , no wonder I was so huge!! for a small and petite person like me) it's a wonder that I did not need a C section giving birth to her.

From that day, until today, this is our seventh , dunno if it will be the last, or, maybe not, from grey to another grey, then black came into our life, followed by cream, and bluish grey, replaced with yet another black, and now, that black is replaced with yet another to grey....ish......

I believe a big 'Thank you' is in order, eventhough it is two months and nine days late from 22nd 5(May ).,...........................and signing off, with a smile........


  1. Lucky you to be cushioned by Ritchie Blackmore's songs while cruising along that new German marque. Have fun driving and Selamat Hari raya.

  2. Alhamdulillah, lucky and blessed. Such great voice he has, just like DAvid Coverdale from White Snake, sexy voice....and sexy hair, zaman dia duluLAH...HEHE...even went to their concert kat wembley Arena.....
    You betcha, gonna ride this new baby back home to KElate this coming raya, slow and steady ( wink wink )insyaAllah, wish you and family selamat hari raya too, still two weeks to go, am already making and baking cookies, the sweet buttery , vanlla, aroma in my kitchen is simply 'menggoda'.......
    Selamat berbuka puasa.....

  3. Waaaaa, I would wait for y life for something like this. Congratulations!!!!

    Selamat Hari Raya Zue, maaf zahir batin.

  4. Hi Zue, here's wishing you and family the very best of hari raya.
    Di susun sepuluh jari, meminta maaf zahir dan batin.
    Happy holidays!
    Selamat hari raya.
    Best regards always.