Wednesday, August 3, 2011

first sahur menu for this Ramadhan

Alright guys, what would you like to have for sahur tonight? Masak kicap?, said my son, so, masak kicap it is......

Ayam masak kicap

telur rebus and telur masin

tomyam udang ( originally it was chicken tomyam ). I was going ot heat up the gravy ( cos my son loves tomyam ) when my daughter asked me, "mama, are you going to add anything else in it?" and why not? i had some prawns in the freezer, took them out, thawed them for a while and when the gravy boiled, just threw in the prawns ( cleaned of course ) and I had a new dish.....

sayur campur goreng,

there you go, a very simple menu for our first bersahur.....mula2 ni bersemangat, lepas ni tak tahu lagi sahur makan apa......-:)InsyaAllah sahur or not, puasa tetap puasa....


  1. Look delicious and Salam Ramadhan to you and family.

  2. Dear wickedwarhol,
    kids love the masak kicap, mula ni semangatlah:-) dua malam dah miss sahur.
    Salam Ramdhan to you and family too and Selamat berpuasa, semoga kita mendapat keberkatanNya di bulan yang mulia ini.

  3. Hello Zue, I sure love this buka puasa makan. I assure you tiga pinggan nasi saya lichin, ha ha ha.
    I really love simple dishes...ada spicy soup lagi sedap best.
    And my weakness is salt fish.
    That ikan sepat especially.
    In fact I used to buy this ikan sepat salt fish at Alor Star, dekat tu Merlin hotel ada a few kedais sell them, back in the early '80s.

    I have only recently asked a friend to buy a few for me, post to me here.
    Also tu ikan kurau salt fish from Kuantan.
    Telor masin, I eat, but only the whites. But one egg I will not touch that Chinese 100 year old black egg.
    My wife loves it. She makan satu orang, ha ha.

    I should have married a Malay lady, arhaaaa ha ha.
    Selamat berpuasa, Zue. Best regards.

  4. Zue, you mind I copy the first gambar?
    Bila I naik angin post about beautiful women driving old sports cars, ha ha, I display pic, credit you of course.

    Or blog about beautiful women with Black belt in cooking.
    Outang you teh tarek lambong tinngi.
    Pssssss! How many I outang you already? Ha ha ha.

  5. Hello Lee!yes, I would normally go for simple dishes, cos I am no masterchef nor am I a gourmet cook, just someone who loves cooking but don't really know how, still in the learning process, just like English, I prefer using simple English, rather than the bombastic words, as long as they convey the message, nice and easy.Same with food, as long as they taste great, fine with me.....
    Ikan masin and telur masin is a must this Ramadhan, or not even Ramadhan. Speaking of ikan sepat, ye lah Lee, dah lama tak makan ikan sepat, nanti kena pergi cari lah.
    that Chinese 100 year oldblack egg, sedap ke? sounds scary, there's one kind of telur, I forgot what it's called, got colour inside, that also I wouldn't take.....
    about you marrying a Malay lady, naahh, I think yo have made the right decision to marry your MRs Lee, beautiful, can cook, can sew ( though cannot drive ) but she has you, let's just say, you have each other.......
    take care Lee! Go easy on the ikan masin...

  6. You want to use that first photo Lee, by all means, I am flattered.speaking of sports car, sorry I still have not replied to that , I guess the last picture, the most blurred one shud be ok, I got myself a new sports model, just have not posed next to it yet......
    ya lah Lee, yo outang so many oredi.....but I don't drink teh tarik, kasi tarik itu Milo tinggi tinggi okay
    Have a nice day Lee!