Monday, November 5, 2012

Thomas and friends?

Choo choo train
underground tube, "Mind the Gap" at Banks station
little mice running around on the tracks at Mile End station
the green District Line from Barkng and get off at Mile End and change to red line if we want to go to London, there's Bond Street,
Oxford Street,
Marble Arch ( or is there?)
or the dark purple line for Picadilly Circus
How about to Leicester Square?
those were the days.......... 

Thomas face made from fondant, my first attempt with a litt;le guide from the youtube. Thomas won't betaking any of those green, red or purle lines who he has on lines with his friends.....

two batches of chocolate cake,carved into a train

spreas thebuttercream thinly on the surface

why the train suddenly changed into a tower or rainbow colours?

This rainbow cakeis forthe hubby

and Thomas cake is for her son

thank you Sherliny dear. It was an enjoyable experience making Thomas cake

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