Thursday, September 27, 2012


it's been almost a month, we, malaysian , celebrated our 55th independence day. 4 open house evennts on the day the cake was made and i went to none cos i had to be some place else.
MERDEKA RAYA - cos it  is a double celebration, still in the raya month and also, the next day, 31st august. our independence, hence the word 'MERDEKA RAYA 2012'

A 20 X18 inch red velvet cake with buttercream frsoting and gumpaste flowers


  1. Hello Zue, long time no see. How you doin'?
    Love your cakes here. Its a wonder you and family keeping your weight down, with all these lovely cakes you bake.

    But there's a saying never trust a slim cook, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hello Lee! good to hear from you!!!! miss not going to your pondok, see, my blog also got cobweb, left it too long, a month is considered too long for me , so many stories to share, so many photos to upload, but i am quite up to date with my facebook, most of the new photos are in there.
    I am doing fine lee, thanks for asking, just been busy with puasa, then raya, then more raya gsathering, followed by old school's reunion, and now, my eldest daughter is sitting for her SPM, a month or so from today, busy chaufering kids to and from school and the usual, day to day stuff, but yes, I am doing fine. hope all is well over there too.
    I bake cakes almost everyday, but my family, all slim tyoe, except foro my eldest, a bit on the 'heavy' side but it goes well with her height.
    Me, the last time I weighed ( five minutes ago), less than 50 kg, maybe around the very the slim one meh? who says you can't trust a slim cook, the proof is in my eldest. My youngest is as slim and as light as me, half my weight , she's only 8.
    look at me, so long I write, it's been a while since I last wrote and i do miss it. I am looking for my previous mini cake deco for a customer who requested a similar deco for her mum's akad nikah this weekend, so talk to you later later
    so nice of you to drop by , i do miss talking to you, you have a nice day too and will try to visit you the soonest I can
    Take care and ciao!regards to mrs Lee